Here we meet Maria for the first time (you’ll see more of her in the next page). After this, nearly all of our characters are on the scene. One of the main things that was hard to put into the first chapter is all the back-story. You hear hints of it here, but not much is expanded upon until the next chapter, and some never is and must be filled in by you, the reader, based on the clues (even though I already have it all written down in my notes).

One of the things I liked about this issue/chapter was the use of yellow and red coloring to the speech bubbles to help figure out who was talking sometimes. I don’t think I’ve seen people use this at all in other comics. You can see more of it used when Arad, Cory, and Jackson were talking on Pages 15 – 16. Since it was very text heavy, I thought it was useful once I saw Ava add it, and then tried to make sure only one color was attached to each character’s speech bubble when doing it for easy recognition.

EDIT: Strange, there is an obvious eraser mark when I converted it to PNG that wasn’t there when I did it to JPEG. I will have to correct this later on my other computer.