So, in collecting comic books, I finally obtained last year (but still have not read all of) Deathlok. Deathlok is a Marvel Comics character who was a pacifist trapped in a cyborg body that wants to kill everyone as a solution to staying alive, so the conflict, I think, is an interesting one that I haven’t seen in any movie before. In fact, I have expressed my love of the Deathlok concept through my “Why I Should Write For Hollywood Series,” but I have never really read him. I only recently read his origin in the 4 part graphic novel series last year, so when I saw the complete collection on eBay, I just had to buy it.

I had already started a Robocop comic book collection some years earlier, and have every Robocop single issue now except some of the Marvel Comics run (yes, somehow that happened, too). Robocop is a minefield to find stories for, though, because you have some that follow after the movie, and some that don’t. Robocop is under his 5th comic book studio (Marvel, Dark Horse, Avatar, Dynamite, & now Boom Studios), meaning it’s 5 separate universes.

And though Johnny 5 of Short Circuit is not an android like the above, Johnny 5 still wants to be regarded as a living being. I hear they are going to remake this whether we want to see it or not (seriously, no one I know actually likes the new Robocop movie, which caused me to avoid it), but Short Circuit is one of the few remakes that I think would actually work for a new generation. Time will tell on that one.