“Shawn, when is the next issue going to start?” Yeah, I know that I have posted 2 covers and now this interior cover, but I’m hoping this page is also a refresher for those who stopped at Chapter 1 and then came back later to read Chapter 2. Starting in 1 week, Page 1 of an actual story will start. Also, there might not be a blog post this Thursday because I am preparing for MagFest.

I will be at MagFest this weekend to play arcade and video games all weekend with my girlfriend and friends. I won’t have a table there, but I will at Katsucon next month. Excited to check it out and see how it does, but also worried because most of my comics are definitely American style, and this will be the first big anime convention I have exhibited at. I hope I can many get people into Mechanaflux there, as my goal is to get 500 weekly viewers by the end of 2015.

Also, Mechanaflux #3 just became available as a digital comic at IndyPlanet, and I’ve added it to the Store section.