Just got back from MagFest, the video game convention. I tried two new things this convention:

      I entered my first video game competition, and it was for Samurai Kirby, the mini-game from Kirby Super Star. It was a fun, yet simple game. You and another player stand next to each other and wait for a visual cue (an exclamation mark) and an audio cue (a bing), and the first player to hit the button faster wins. Best out of 10 wins. It was pretty intense because not only did I lose by 1 point, we had 8 ties, so it was a very close game, and extended longer than the other games, which made it all the more fun.

      The 2nd thing I did was attend my first Chiptunes concert; anOva + Rekcahdam (& Ohhinaifu). A/R/O was really good. It was instrumentals, and it sounded like mostly original stuff, though I heard some sound-clips of games and other songs on occasion. I think it was a jam, as both artists have their own separate websites and music. Still entertaining, and I’ll check out both of their other songs later.

      On the video game front, I played all the racing games there, with my favorite being Crusin Exotica & something called The Rock / San Andrea (?) where your car explodes even when you fall into the water, and it shoots you out like a canon to get you back on track. One of my friends and I got 2 other friends into Emergency Call Ambulance. This is the best anti-racing game ever. You are an ambulance driver and have to ‘race’ to the hospital before your patient dies. It should be played in first-person. The game vibrates when you turn and hit things, and the visuals actually curve when you turn in a way I haven’t seen in a game before. Your patient starts with 99 life, and every time you hit a lamp post, car, or wall, his health goes down. At one point, the other ambulance on the scene jumps into the river, most likely drowning the paramedics and one of the parents of your patient. But hey, at least they showed you a shortcut before they died. The funniest is how unrealistic all the pedestrians run or tumble away from you, because killing tons of people to save one life would defeat the purpose of the game. A video doesn’t do it justice to the experience. This is now a new arcade game I must play every MagFest (the others being Tron, Discs of Tron, Gorf, & Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom)