This introduces us to Aria. I remembered the name of a fantasy comic book called Aria, and since it sounded like something a fantasy kingdom would be called, that’s what I called the city. Unfortunately, I only just realized in 2014, that the people are called Arians, an actual religious group. I’m just glad I didn’t call the city ‘Arya’. My original draft had a lot more interactions with merchants and townspeople as Arad, Jackson, & Cory walked through it (to build up the kingdom more, and show how three earth kids would realistically react to seeing a city like this), but it really slowed down the pacing of the story, so most of it was removed.

      Aria is a large kingdom with three layers. The first is the guard barracks that are outside the gate (not pictured). Once you enter the gate and get inside the wall, you get to the second layer; the homes and markets. The wall was not part of the original design. When Gaudra attacked Mu, the wall was created within 2 years to prepare for an attack. The third layer is the castle, which resides at the highest point in the city. The castle is surrounded by many training facilities for soldiers, as well as reserve soldier barracks.