What did you think of that revelation? Did you see it coming? Originally there were suppose to be more hints, and Jackson was supposed to be hinted as Maria’s brother to throw you off the track until this revelation, but it didn’t make sense when aadapting my screenplay into a comic, as it occurred that instead of mystery, I realized the focus (and the plot summary) should be more on the two of them coming to terms with their new-found sibling-hood and growing closer, as that seemed more interesting.

      As we get near the end of Mechanaflux – Chapter 2, I’m going to put up a short story after it ends to give my artist more time to have more of a buffer; my ideal goal is to have the future chapter finished before the current chapter end, so that the physical / digital comic can be compiled and out first before the webcomic, which will lead to enough pages for the webcomic without worrying about it. I want to keep this series going weekly, no matter what, for the next 2+ years of Mechanaflux, and for the future stories planned beyond.