I was at Smudge Expo this weekend. It was the first time I had been there (it was the 2nd year for it), and it was a pretty fun con . It was at Artisphere in Washington, DC, with nothing but local writers and artists. It seemed most of my friends were on other floors, but that just meant I got to meet new people like the guys next to me. It was a nice set-up, but since the building is changing hands, I do hope it will continue next year at a different location.

NOTE: There will be no update next Monday. I tried to save money by getting Comcast because they came to my door stating cables being laid down, and cheaper Internet, but a tech just came and told me there was no signal for Comcast, and I’d have to pay $150.00 Cable, and they would need to go through the 2nd and 3rd floor above. So after going back to Verizon which I had already cancelled, they can’t turn on the Internet until next week, so I will not have Internet next Monday (but at least my bill is now $15.00 less per month; somehow cancelling Verizon then going back only a few days later made the bill cheaper).