Brief Summary: Three earth kids find themselves in the fantastical world of Flux, where they meet a sword-fighting princess, the last sorceress, a centaur general, and a near-sighted dragon. Together, they must stop an evil mechanical being before the entire world is turned into metal.

Mechanaflux Summary Pic

Detailed Summary: Cory, Arad, & Jackson are three ordinary earth children who find themselves in the fantasy world of Flux. There, they meet Maria, the sword-fighting princess, Darius, the last sorceress, Gluss, the centaur general, and Redwing, a near-sighted dragon. Together, they must stop Gaudra, a living mechanical creature, before the entire world is converted into metal.

Only one thing can stop Gaudra; a powerful amulet that can only be used by Cory and Maria. However, to use this amulet requires positive emotional control. Cory must overcome his intense hatred toward his abusive stepfather, while Maria must overcome her irrational hatred of everything machine, otherwise the entire realm will become a metallic wasteland.